At HCI, we are committed to providing you with the highest level of comfort and relaxation through our premium massage chairs. We stand by the quality and durability of our products, which is why we offer an extensive warranty and service support to ensure your peace of mind.

Warranty Details:

1. 3-Year Onsite Guarantee: When you purchase an HCI Massage Chair, you are covered by our 3-year onsite guarantee. This means that if you encounter any issues with your chair within the first three years of ownership, we will send our expert technicians directly to your location to diagnose and replace the respective part of the machinery as per the problem with a new one at no additional cost to you. We understand the importance of convenience and minimal disruption to your relaxation routine.

2. 7 Years of Service Support: Even after the initial 3-year onsite guarantee, HCI continues to support your investment with an additional 7 years of service support which is chargeable. During this period, we offer assistance and technical support to address any questions or concerns you may have. While the onsite guarantee covers major issues, our service support ensures that your chair remains in optimal working condition for years to come. This service comes with nominal visit charges of our expert technician in addition to repair or replacement charges according to the service. For more details you can contact us at 91+ 7300000739.

Peace of Mind with HCI:

Quality Assurance: HCI Massage Chairs are built with precision and care, using the latest technology and high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability.

Expert Technicians: Our team of skilled technicians is trained to handle any technical issues efficiently and effectively, providing you with the best service experience.

Quick Response Time: We understand that your comfort is a top priority. In the event of a service request, we aim to respond promptly and schedule a service visit at your earliest convenience.

Customer Support: Our dedicated customer support team is available to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the warranty and service support period.

How to Reach Us:

If you encounter any issues with your HCI Massage Chair or have questions regarding the warranty and service support, please contact our customer service team at 91+7300000739. We are here to assist you and ensure that your massage chair continues to deliver the ultimate relaxation experience.

Invest in HCI Massage Chairs with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable partner in relaxation and comfort for years to come. We are committed to enhancing your well-being through exceptional products and service.