We have experienced cases where our company logo and product photos have been used on a commercial basis without permission.

Hence we ask for your understanding regarding the below.

About a link to our website

The link to our website is free as a general rule. It is unnecessary to contact us when linking. When posting the link, please specify that it is the website of HCI India (a Division of HUMANCAREI).

However, the following links are strictly prohibited.

  • ・Any links from sites which slandering our company and/or our products, or are defamatory in nature
  • ・Any links from sites which are offensive to public order and morals, or damage our credibility and dignity
  • ・Any links from sites using frames, or other methods to obscure the origin of the content
  • ・Any links which are misleading concerning possible co-operation
  • ・Any other links judged to be of an inappropriate nature

Regarding Copyright

  • The copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights of the corporate mark, trademarks, product pictures, operation pictures, images, articles, music, program data and other information(called [data]) published on HCI and its affiliated companies as well as cooperative companies (herein referred to as [HUMANCAREI]) as well as rights holders who approved use to HCI.
  • Any downloading, reprinting, reproduction, alteration, distribution, transmission or diversion to other websites or printed material, commercial use (referred to as [use] below) of part of all of the data of this website without the prior consent of HCI is a violation of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights.
  • We will not recognize any changes or distribution and the like, even for personal use.
  • Product catalogues and operation manuals are downloadable only for personal use and does not infer a transfer of rights owned by HCI .
  • The e-mails sent to customers by HCI cannot be reprinted or used for other purposes and their copyrights belong to HCI.

Concerning the use of this website (disclaimer)

  • The content of this website including the data, nor the links related to it are in no way guaranteed We will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from the use of data from this website.
  • Regarding links, we do not guarantee the content of the source websites.
  • The content of this website may be changed, or its operation suspended without advance notice.

Governing Law, Jurisdiction

  • Unless otherwise provided for, the governing law of this website and its use as well as the interpretation of its terms of use will be Indian law.
  • Unless otherwise provided for, the Jaipur District Court will be the court of jurisdiction for any disputes relating to this website.